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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Hants & Berks Motor Club Ltd

Environmental & Sustainability Policy - effective from 1st January 2022


The Hants & Berks Motor Club is committed to protecting the local and global environment by conducting its activities in a way which provides for a sustainable future for our sport, without unnecessary compromise of the environment. The Club will organise itself and review its actions, behaviours and the way it runs its events to ensure it remains consistent with this commitment. The Club will strive to continually improve the way in which it evaluates and minimises environmental impacts and promotes sustainability.


To achieve this the Hants & Berks Motor Club will;


1)  Comply with all applicable legal requirements which relate to environmental aspects and impacts.


2)  Routinely assess the environmental impacts of our events and club activities and create action plans, actions and communication strategies which seek to minimise these and promote sustainability.


3)  Promote, foster, and embed a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability within the Club ensuring our committee and event organisers role model these behaviours.


4)  Evaluate the wider impacts of the club’s activities through its suppliers, entrants, competitors and partners and work with these stakeholders to achieve our sustainable ability goals.


5)  Educate our competitors, entrants, officials and volunteers about environmentally responsible behaviours.


6)  Put measures in place to ensure activities do not pollute or cause permanent damage to the ecosystem or threaten biodiversity and wildlife.


7)  Make efficient use of natural resources and seek to minimise our consumption of energy wherever practical.


8)  Actively pursue ways to reduce our carbon footprint and use recognised carbon offsetting schemes with the goal of becoming carbon neutral as a club by 2030.


9)  Reduce our consumption of materials, minimise our production of waste and seek opportunities for re-use and recycling of any necessary waste materials.


10)  Consider the sources of the goods we use and consume and wherever possible use sustainability supplies from ethical and environmentally responsible suppliers.


11)  Seek to gain accreditation for our environmental management system as part of the Motorsport UK and FIA Environmental Sustainability Programmes and develop the system towards full compliance ISO 14001 standard.


This policy will be communicated to all Club members, competitors, entrants, officials, marshals, and suppliers.


W A Bonney,

Director and Company Secretary.

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