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At the Hants & Berks we welcome anybody who wishes to join our Club. As we not a one-make club, and does not focus on a specific area of motoring, we can offer our members a much broader variety of events to participate in, catering for those with interests in classic cars, rally marshalling and social gatherings or activities.

Further information regarding the sort of events that the Club organises and supports can be viewed on our Events web page.


If you have viewed our History web page you will already know that we are a long-established motor club having been involved in significant events since our formation, we hope to continue this tradition for years to come but not without the help and support from our many members.


So, whether you have a passion for heritage motoring, motor sport, navigation, the general motor industry, old or new, or just wish to be a part of our social calendar then we could be the right motor club for you.


Joining the Hants & Berks Motor Club


  • By applying to become a member of the Hants & Berks Motor Club you also include anybody else living under the same address who also wishes to join. Currently the cost of an annual membership is £28.


  • Members will receive a copy of our in-house publication Sidelights every month which features an assortment of Club related articles, features and news from our members. Sidelights is supplied to our members either as a full colour electronic PDF document (emailed) and, if requested, a full colour A5 booklet through the post. Click HERE to discover more about our Club magazine.


  • As an affiliated member of Motorsport UK (formally the MSA) any member of the Club can legally take part in road-based competitions (not race meetings) organised by us or other affiliated motor clubs. Members are also welcome to join the Club’s own in-house marshalling team which supports both local and national rallying events.


  • Club members have the opportunity to attend, participate in and experience a wide range of social events, gatherings and activities organised by us, or other motor clubs. These meetings offer members the chance to be entertained, socialise with like-minded enthusiasts, meet up with friends and family, and perhaps acquire support or assistance on motoring projects.


  • New skills, ideas and suggestions are always welcome from our members; we encourage everyone to get involved with internal and external Club events, whether as a participant, marshal, representative or organiser. As a member you also have a say in how the Club is run or managed at our Annual General Meeting (held in March) and could even be nominated as a member of the committee.


  • Members also have the chance to win internal prizes or awards, which are traditionally handed out at the Club’s annual awards presentation. There is a points system for those who get involved on events, an annual vote for best magazine article, photograph or eatery, and possible nomination by the committee for outstanding commitment during the year.


If you have any further enquiries regarding membership of the Hants & Berks Motor Club then please contact our Membership Secretary, Linda Vass.

Prospective members are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

Just contact one of our members to confirm that you will be coming along and we will endeavour to meet you on the day. Please refer to our Events Calendar web page for details on forthcoming Club meetings.

Alternatively, you can join the Hants & Berks Motor Club right now by downloading a membership form (PDF) and sending it off with payment to the return address on the form.

To read our Club Rules, please click on the link at the bottom of the web page.


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Sidelights Magazine

Edited and presented to a professional standard, Sidelights is the Hants & Berks in-house monthly magazine, available exclusively to its members as part of their annual subscription.

Released at the end of the month, Sidelights is supplied to our members either as a full colour electronic PDF document (emailed) and, if requested, a full colour A5 booklet through the post.


Sidelights contains a wide range of articles, reports and features – mostly on a motoring theme – designed for all our members to enjoy and keep abreast of Club affairs. On a regular basis these may include…


  • Advertisements detailing forthcoming Club events and activities.

  • Articles about visited motorsport events, transport museums, car shows, etc.

  • Articles about motor manufacturers, engineering or restoration projects, etc.

  • A round-up of past rally day action, navigational events and classic car tours.

  • News, decisions and issues raised or discussed by the Club committee.


The content which forms the basis of Sidelights is kindly supplied and/or written by our own members. If any member thinks they may have an appropriate article for a future edition of Sidelights, such as a museum visit, heritage day, show, motor sport event, or similar experience, which will be of interest to our members, then please feel free to contact our Sidelights Editor, Claire Scott.


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