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Citroën 2CV Cross

In the mid-1970s the Hants & Berks were looking to organise a low budget motoring event somewhere in the South of England. It became apparent from our contacts at Total, who were sponsoring the Club run economy events at the time, that they were also sponsoring a Citroën 2CV motor sport series across France and Belgium.


After visiting a race in France, the Club agreed with Total to organise a similar event based in the UK and decided upon the open heathland of Blackbushe, Surrey, as the best location.

2CV Cross (as it became known) was run by the Club at Blackbushe from 1975 to 1977 as part of the international championship, the circuit being a 700m long dirt track laid out by bulldozers each year.


The following shows a selection of images from some of our organised events.

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