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Whether you have an enquiry, comment or require assistance with a motor event, the Hants & Berks Motor Club are always happy to help.


As a Club we have a number of members who deal with specific matters, therefore please refer to the contacts list below in order to find the most appropriate person to talk to.

Alternatively, if it is a more general enquiry or you're uncertain who exactly to contact then please talk directly to our Club Secretary, Bill Bonney, who is always happy to assist.


Please respect our member's privacy.


We would prefer our members to be contacted by email. Before sending a message please ensure that the subject heading is clear, so emails are not mistaken for junk or spam (one suggestion is to begin the subject heading with "HBMC Enquiry").

Contacts - SOS Phone.jpg

Honorary Secretary

Bill Bonney

contact for general enquiries, potential events and marshalling

Contacts - Icon Email.jpg

Membership Secretary

Linda Vass

contact for membership enquiries

Contacts - Icon Email.jpg

Sidelights Editor

Claire Scott

contact for Sidelights magazine

Contacts - Icon Email.jpg

Event Publicity Officer

Mick Brockbank

contact for publicising events

Website Editor

Jamie Brockbank

contact for Club website

Contacts - Icon Email.jpg
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